Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This summer has been a blur of activity at our house and (hangs head in shame) I haven't taken a picture of any of it or even thought about making a record of it here until um, today. Now that school is back in session and I have time to think about things other than Sid the Science Kid and the location of the extra snacks and juice boxes (Can I get a Witness?) I will attempt to post about all the things that have Ch-Ch-Changed.
First up- The Pantry

We had an unused closet in our kitchen, I think it was meant to be a coat closet as it had a bar running across the top, and kitchen cupboards stuffed with all manner of food item. Finding uncooked macaroni noodles in the bowl as you were trying to pour in Captain Crunch is a little odd and off putting in the morning, and the need to requisition this space for a pantry was born.

I don't have a before picture because the camera was ALL the way upstairs:) and I assumed we had one from our realtor visit before we bought this house. Just picture everything you see gone and dirty flat white walls and you've pretty much got the before visualized.

A few boards and brackets from Lowe's later and we had this:

Much better use of space, no?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Undergoing maintenance

If the blog looks wonky- its because I am trying a few new things to update it. Please pardon it's appearance while in transition...

Penguin Party Continued

Picture Heavy Post!

As I mentioned, finding penguin themed birthday decor was painfully impossible, so I had to custom make everything. Following the colors set by the invitation meant pulling together a party in orange, black and white. Not traditionally very girlie colors, but I tried to use them in a way that was obviously meant for a girl. 

(Click to enlarge.) 
orange and white polka dots, black and white houndstooth and stripes along with a geometric print and plenty of solids. 

the cupcake tower
penguin face, penguin silhouette 5's, orange silhouettes and monogrammed toppers designed by my hub. He also designed the tented cards that display the food names. The cake topper on top was found at Hobby Lobby, I added a coordinated bow to match the invitations. The houndstooth cupcake wrappers came from etsy. 

other food
goldfish crackers just happened to match the theme and colors. Houndstooth cones in the background, made from scrapbook paper, hold white cheddar popcorn.

pimento cheese penguins and polka dot cookies

yummy vanilla ice cream snowballs

So, whatcha think? Did I Tim Gunn it (make it work)? She has already put in a request for next years party...:)

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let's start at the very beginning

A very good place to start, no?

10 points if you can name that movie- fist bump if you love it too.

My, sniff sniff, baby girl turned 5 this month. When I asked her what kind of party she wanted this year her reply was- Penguins. Not a surprising response as she has been officially  obsessed with penguins since a trip to the aquarium early last year. Define obsessed, you may be asking. She sleeps with penguins(4 if you are the type to count) draws them constantly and will watch absolutely anything with penguins in it, even a documentary. An episode of Wonder Pets was particularly interesting to her until the "animal in trouble" turned out to be a penguin. Cue the nightmares about penguins in trouble for like a week.  While other little girls pretend to be princesses, mine waddles around the kitchen. It's off beat, but she loves it.

What was surprising? The apparent lack of birthday supplies in her chosen theme. Scouring etsy and eBay, trolling the Internet and doing a million searches for acceptable materials soon made it clear that pretty much everything was going to be custom made.

So, let's start at the very beginning- the invitation

the front
The idea is that this is a little penguin chick, sitting down, hence the little feet popped out from the main invite. Pop dots are a beautiful thing- and that is what I used for the 3-D effect. Since we have a girlie girl I included a little coordinating bow. 

the back
I went ahead and obscured our personal information, so that's why there are odd blank spaces. The numeral five is made out of penguin silhouettes, you know, just in case the theme of the party wasn't already clear :) 

What's that holding up the invitation? 
That would be Meghan- our bubs favorite stuffed penguin, and inspiration for the party. 
So, whatcha think? Anyone else's child requested a very non traditional birthday theme? 
Up next: food table and decorations
edited to add- the rest of the party details are now up here
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

But wait, there's more!

I found two more fabrics that may work
P Kaufmann Indoor/Outdoor Woven Slick Palm
P Kaufmann Slick Palm

Waverly Cross Section Green
Waverly Cross Section Green


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Is this
Waverly Sun N Shade Lovely Lattice Citrine

an acceptable substitute for this?

staring out my kitchen windows at the yard work being completed (without my help thanks to some particularly vicious allergies) makes me yearn for a punch of fabric above my view.
I love the Imperial Trellis fabric, I know there are those that are "over it" but I am not. Its hard to be over something you don't have, and at $100 or so a yard it's not looking like I'll get the chance to try it out.
The first fabric is a Waverly print that rings in at $10.98 per yard. The question is- can I get the same gorgeous graphic punch from it?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Does Anyone Know...

Where I can get one of these:

for less than a bajillion dollars?(okay so it's actually more like $1,000, but from where I am sitting it may as well be a bajillion since the thousand aint happening either.)

And while we are on the subject of lighting

I need that gorgeous green deep bowl pendant light. Need, I tell you. Anyone seen one of these 'round town?