Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A vintage inpired Halloween urn

A post also known as- My obsession with Matthew Mead takes hold.

The other day as I was traipsing around the Internet I ran across this and stopped in my tracks. Can I call it tracks, even though I was firmly settled into the couch? Eh, let's go with it. After seeing those vintage graphics for F-R-E-E on Matthew Mead's website I started poking around the rest of the site. Let me just say- Where has Matthew Mead been all my life? Obsessed with pretty much everything about his designs.

I followed Lil' Luna's tutorial in order to prepare the skewers. Only then I discovered I actually didn't have any skewers. Some lollipop sticks left over from a party I threw quickly stepped in and became a substitute.

My idea for this project was to vary it slightly in order to make one centerpiece into two separate pieces to suit my needs. Hobby Lobby came through with two urn style planters that just so happened to be on sale this week.(yea!) The only other things I had to buy were the pieces of scrapbook paper I used to make the accordion flowers. I had the Spanish moss and foam left over from other projects. The buttons came out of the sewing box, but I saw plenty of really cute buttons while I was at the craft store.
here are the finished products

as you can see, I varied the width of the paper strips I cut so that I would have different sizes of accordion flowers. I think it looks better in this application. 

Time spent- total of about an hour
Cost- less than 10 bucks for both

The fact that this project was quick and inexpensive makes me giddy. Can't wait to see them flanking the cupcake stand at our Halloween party.

up next- a  vintage inspired Halloween mantle
Oh! and a project I actually came up with myself!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally, a spider I am NOT afraid of

A post also known as-I should have taken pictures before I started it, if I was going to post about it. Sigh...

I ran across a tutorial for a charmingly cute Halloween wreath that''ll know what I mean? If you are interested in a step by step tutorial with pictures please allow me to direct you to Crafts and Such, where Erin has done a wonderful job with this project during her EEK WEEKS!  Go ahead and click over there and check it out for yourself- I'll wait...
See? cute and easy! Normally "cute and easy" wouldn't be a compliment, but I think an exception should be made in this case, don't you? Anyway, you can see why I wanted to make it.

Here is what I used, minus a straw wreath form. Save yourself A LOT of headache and mess and leave that puppy wrapped in it's plastic. 

I made a few changes to Erin's "recipe", mostly based on my lack of craft supplies. I didn't have Modge Podge so I thinned out some good old Elmer's Glue All with a little water and used that to apply the glitter to the spiders.As you can clearly see, I used only the finest paper plate and a random paint brush, still semi -coated in purple paint to apply the glitter. Very classy, no?

 Secondly, I had already made a trip to the craft store and didn't really want to make another so the lack of a wooden sign is due to the fact that I didn't have a wooden sign. Or black and white craft paint. Or twine. Or Modge Podge. Or letters. Should I keep going here, or are ya'll getting the drift?

And thirdly, I used Doodlebugs Sugar Coating Glitter in Beetle Black, rather than the Martha Stewart glitter. Yes, I've heard that Martha Stewart glitter is so amazing that it causes birds to chirp in three languages and all other glitters should just cower in fear; but honestly with a name like Beetle Black, what was a girl to do? The package basically threw itself into my buggy.

After a few minutes of gluing, glittering, squishing moss into hot glue and fluffing it was done. It really was that easy. But trust me on this, do this outside. Spanish moss doesn't want to stop playing when it comes time to clean up. It's a big ol' mess!

Here is the finished product

a close up 

Love it!

next up- Halloween continues with yet another project I shamelessly ripped off


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Up next- a halloween wreath too easy NOT to make