Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Inspiration

This year I lazed(past tense of lazy? no? go with it anyway) out on decoration for Thanksgiving since we weren't celebrating it here. It was nice at first, but after only completing one project in a month I am slightly overexcited to get started on Christmas projects. These are the things I am looking forward to trying in my house this year-

magnolia wreath- this one is from PB and rings in on sale at 79 bills. I have my eye on an over grown magnolia tree at my in  laws house that will hopefully save me some major cash. The question is- do I make one or two of these beauts and how large do I go?

source- potterybarn
Eclectic candlesticks. Those that know me in real life will quickly tell you that I am not one for eclectic design. I am obsessed with symmetry and uniformity, and have been known to rearrange furniture in hotel rooms while staying the night. Something about a lack of symmetry is unsettling to me. However, this year I want to try something different in the middle of the table and this picture with a variety of candlesticks is gorgeous. It is a departure for me in that all the bases aren't the same, but is something I think I can handle since the finish is the same throughout.
I am going to try and recreate it in my house using some handed down candlesticks and a pair I recently found at Goodwill. All I am missing is the pillar holders. Well actually, I have some but the finish isn't the same and I-just-can't-handle-that! Goodwill will hopefully provide.

source- martha stewart
Paper evergreens. Oh Martha- why do you always do this to me? These look simple and inexpensive to make. I can imagine a grouping of them on my mantle amid some (more) candlesticks and greenery. Or would that be too much green? We shall see.

source- country living

Ribbon on my Christmas tree. I have always liked this look, but never remember to try it. I probably won't go with red, I am thinking green, but you never know.

I have a little something up my sleeve for the front porch but I am saving that little tid bit until I see how it works out. All I will say is a tomato cage is involved. Let's hope our local garden center still has 'em.

Anyone tried these before and can lend their expertise?

up next- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas,  or at least I hope so.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

PB Hacks-Felt Leaves Garland

A post also known as- how to save yourself 47 big ones

See this?
Felt Leaves Garland
source-pb kids

Love it? Yea, me too. But the price tag of $49.00? Not so much. 

Here is my version, which rang in at about $2.00

much better colors for my living room, and I will take the $47.00 savings, thankyouverymuch.

A few close ups

Friday, November 5, 2010

I am a hacker

Not the computer kind, silly. The Pottery Barn kind. Come back tomorrow to see how I hacked Pottery Barn and saved myself $47.00.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Tiny Little Tea Party

a post also known as- those are the words I used to convince my husband to let me have this party

Over the summer I came across Melissa Lester's blog "A Little Loveliness"  Her blog is a such an inspiring read, but what stood out to me a few months ago were the perfectly lovely tea parties she hosts. One of which was an afternoon tea party she had for her children to celebrate their return to school. Since my one and only was starting school this year, finding this seemed so well timed and appropriate. A back to school tea party was the perfect way to celebrate this milestone. Putting my own spin on her ideas, an early afternoon tea party was created using lots of pink, lots of flowers, and lots of sweets.

Guests received this tea pot invitation announcing the events details(which have now been blurred for privacy). I feel so fortunate to have a wonderful husband who works as a graphic designer, he was able to take my rough sketch and ideas and turn them into the most wonderful invitations.

The littlest ladies found this table waiting for them in the kitchen. 

The table cover was a scrap of fabric leftover from the bunting hung in the dining room window. The center of the table held a plastic tea set from my daughter's playroom, brought down to encourage imaginative play during the party. 

The girls place cards were held in antique rose holders handed down from my great aunt. 

To dress up our kitchen chairs, which are badly in need of a fresh coat of paint, I tied a strip of tulle embellished with a crepe paper rose bud. 

The center of our bay window held a crepe paper rose wreath. 

Our "mommies" table was set in the dining room. 

This table was set using a simple white table cloth and another scrap of fabric leftover from the bunting, shown here hung in the dining room window.

The dining room chairs also received a tulle and crepe paper rose bud embellishment, to help tie the two party areas together.

 Slightly different place card holders, still with the same rose theme, held the name cards for this room.

The center of the table held a silver tea set, another antique treasure passed down through my family. I filled the creamer with perfectly pink roses, found at Wal-Mart of all places. 

The table also held heart shaped sugar cookies with cream cheese icing, a newly found favorite cookie of mine. 

One final detail and the table was complete- petite pink rose hair clips for each little girl to take home after the party.  The tops of each card did have the girl's names on them, now removed for privacy.

 Our dining room, set for the party

The buffet in our kitchen made a pretty good tea cart. Three types of hot tea, along with the traditional cream and sugar were served; as well as a cranberry lemon iced tea. The buffet also held strawberry and cream cheese, and pimento cheese tea sandwiches. In addition to the heart shaped sugar cookies, guests were also encouraged to satisfy their sweet tooth with mini cupcakes, candy kisses and fresh fruit. 

Thank you for the inspiration Melissa! We all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together, which made going back to school just a little easier to manage.

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