Thursday, February 24, 2011

One down, lots to go

Progress has been made on the bathroom redo.
 the walls have been painted!I chose James River Grey by Benjamin Moore.
Yes, there are a lot of paint samples down there. I had to keep a certain wee babe entertained while I was working, and she loves to paint.
See? I told you the light fixture didn't look any better in place.

Next up is cladding the bottom section of the wall with some scrumptious paneled boards. Hope the husband is ready to fire up that saw...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, Happy Valentines Day.

Oh, and if you havent stopped by and given your opinion on the last post- please do so:)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I need YOU!

Ladies- opinions please!

After testing a couple of paint samples on the wall I think we have narrowed the color choices down to two:
james river gray
mount saint anne

We also intend on painting the trim and the boards we are installing a creamy off white. The trim in my house isnt white, and we actually prefer the softness, so we are sticking with it.

Here is where I need your help
I found two fabrics I like and want to use in the space, but before I pull the trigger and buy them I want to know if you all think it will work.
Here are the two fabrics
shower curtain, if I can make it work

Window treatment

What do you think?
Advice, please!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A long overdue project has been started

This weekend I finally bit the bullet and got started on the bathroom project. You know, the one I was supposed to start a month ago? Yea, that one.

Here is what my bathroom looked like until Saturday

After three coats of primer, here is where we stand today

I think it is going to take another coat of primer before we can start painting. I chose a No VOC primer, Kilz Clean Start to do the priming. It is a little thin, but has almost no smell and no VOC's. I am still waiting for my thank you card from the Environment:)

What's that you say? What is that dangling over the sink? Oh, thats just the scary beyond all reason light fixture I told you about but never showed you before. 

I am going to show you now, but you may want to ask small children to look away from the screen. 


If you are wondering if it looked better on the wall as opposed to hanging off it, the answer is no. :)

So, one more coat of primer and then we begin testing paint colors on the wall. I am still not sure which color to use, or if the shower curtain I picked will look right in the space. Ya'll will advise me right? Pretty please?