Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year- New Room

Instead of making a New Year's Resolution this year(that I won't stick with past January 3rd anyway) I decided to make a list of things I want to change in the new year.

First on the list is our upstairs bathroom. If you could arrest a room for being unattractive and dysfunctional, this room would be on the Most Wanted List. It would have it's own card in the Most Wanted Deck.

Let's take a look at the charges facing this space:

1. Flagrant use of unattractive wallpaper
 view from entry door

 up close and personal- glorious isn't it?

Its on every wall, behind the potty and mirror. The same wallpaper has been in this house since it was built in the early eighties. 30 years of hair product over spray and questionable biological substances must no doubt be coating the walls in there. Oh, and did I mention that this wallpaper was applied directly to the sheetrock? No? I had to battle that monster in our main floor bathroom as well, and in case you haven't had the pleasure of prying archaic wallpaper off sheetrock that wasn't first sealed with a primer- it isn't even as fun as it sounds. Picture spending hours scoring and spraying, steaming and prying just to have pieces the size of quarter come off at a time. And after all that hard work you are still faced with the task of patching the many, many, many areas on the wall where the sheetrock was damaged in the removal process. In case I haven't accurately conveyed my feelings here- I hate, loathe and detest removing wallpaper.

2. Depositing/Dumping Without Permission
 see the rust stain to the left of the faucet opening?

it extends into the tub as well. Jealous yet?

Both the sink and bathtub fixtures are builder issue from the eighties, and unlike leggings and NKOTB are NOT enjoying a resurgence in popularity this year.  On top on being less than thrilling looking, the seals and fittings have decayed through many years of use, and instead of holding the water the faucets DUMP(drip) water constantly and DEPOSIT lovely rust colored stains in the bathtub and sink.

3. Violations of Cleanliness and Sanitation Act
Proper storage containers are lacking in our bathroom drawers, leaving the contents shuffling around each time they are opened.
Inside instead of seeing this


You see this

And this

I can't for one minute think that this is the best way to corral these items, or the cleanest way to store toothbrushes and flossers. Clear violations here.

4. Danger of Falling Objects

The shower caddy doesn't stay in place once you put toiletries inside and will lurch at will, sending the objects inside hurtling forward. Nothing has truly fallen out yet, but I wouldn't hang out underneath it testing my luck.

5. Stowaways found on board

Items we are no longer using, or don't even belong in this room have been located, hiding out in the cabinet. It's time for these stowaways to get the boot. Not shown in the above picture are the bazillion baby washcloths and towels stuffed into the cabinet. You use baby washcloths and towels on a baby. My kid is almost 5. So... yeah it's time for them to receive the old heave-ho as well.

That list of infractions is enough to light a fire under me to start brainstorming ways to address the issues.Let's hope the bathroom goes down quietly, and doesn't resist arrest.

Up next- a plan to take the bathroom off the Most (Un)Wanted List.

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  1. great list of things you want to tackle!! you can do it!