Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Inspiration Update

Earlier I posted pictures I planned to use as inspiration for decorating this Christmas. Like any good teacher(or former teacher in my case) I like to take any opportunity to gauge progress. Here is my progress report, feel free to grade it as you see fit.

Magnolia Wreath
I was able to give that old magnolia a good pruning and make this wreath. I chose to use only the green sides of the leaves because this magnolia didn't produce any leaves with that gorgeous caramel color on the backside. I made mine into a sort of non-traditional starburst shape instead of the simpler wreath shown in the inspiration photo. I could tell you that was purposefully done, but that would be a lie. It was a total accident, the kind that is likely to happen when you jump into a project with no idea what you are doing. I kinda like it though, so we will call it a happy accident. 

Also in the window I put some twig snowflakes, idea from Kolein, found here

Eclectic Candlesticks
okay, so this isn't the best photo. The flash on my camera isn't functioning properly after it's near death tumble to the ground over the summer. Yea for the Nikon camera itself, Boo for it's tragically terrible camera strap. 
If you can't tell from the photo, and who could blame you really since it appears that it was taken in a cave, I wasn't able to find bases that were all the same. I added in clear glass bases with some silver ones I already had and called it a day. Silver and glass match, right? Right? Can I get a maybe? 
I know I could always spray them out silver, but the other silver ones are real sterling silver and I don't think spray paint comes in a matching tone with that. 

Truth be told, I do have another picture that is slightly, emphasis on slightly, better. Though it may only emphasize the non matching-ness of the whole shebang, I guess I can post it. 
Terrible? Acceptable? Thoughts?

Ribbon decorated Christmas tree

Still working on this one. Hobby Lobby refuses to restock the ribbon I bought, attached to my tree and ran out of before enough was up there. So until they get their act together I cant finish. Don't blame me, blame the 'Lob. I know I do. :)

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