Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bathroom Plan

Since I have already listed the many, many things wrong with the bathroom the next logical step is to talk about what I'll be doing to fix them.
The current plan includes
* LOTS of paint in hues of cream and a soft turquoise blue
I am still in the deciding phase, but I am leaning toward using

James River Gray

the cream I want to use is called Richland, but there doesn't seem to be a color swatch available online.

*bead board or board and batten on the lower walls
I love both the look of board and batten and a really high wall of bead board. In the end, bead board will probably win out since I am trying to cover the wallpaper rather than taking it down.

*pops of  coral orange as an accent
chili pepper.

Again, still in the decision phase over paint. I am leaning toward using this color since it coordinates well with the textiles I already have for the room.

*new lighting in a rubbed bronze finish- I realize I didn't show you the lighting situation in the last post. It's scary beyond all reason. The front(glass) of the fixture threw it's self off the wall about 3 weeks after we moved in and the exposed bulbs have been (not-so) proudly showcased ever since.

*replacement faucet for the sink

*adding a window treatment and possibly replacing the blinds

of course I am also planning on replacing the shower curtain and towels.In my linen closet I ran across a set we used for a few months in our old house. It **may** work in this space, depending upon how it all comes together.

Anyone done this scheme before and has advice for me? Paint color recommendations? Offers to help paint? :)

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  1. The blue/gray you like is very pretty! Your ideas sound wonderful, by the way. I can see why you will probably opt for bead board over board and batten. I know wallpaper can be really hard to remove. Either way, your bathroom is going to look beautiful! I can't wait to see it when you're done!

    {Beautiful Nest}