Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meeting in the Middle

I mentioned something about an update on the bathroom project I have been talking about, right? Hmm, I wish I could say I have done a lot of work in there, but unfortunately I have done more thinking about the work than actual work itself. That is to say- I haven't started. In my defense I did manage to clean out the coat closet, and even though I didn't find a doorway to a magical land back there I did make it easier to find everything else.

We also removed a pair of 30 year old bi-fold doors that formerly took up residence in the entryway to my living room, which revealed a huge framed opening into said space, making my house feel much larger than it did before. And brought some much needed light into the living room as well, big bonus!

Which got me thinking about other ways to bring light into my house, which then resulted in some window film on the sidelights around the front door being removed.

So, see? I have actually been doing some stuff, just not anything I said I was. Kind of like Friday nights in High School...

Ahem, back to the subject of the bathroom remodel. I have been going back and forth on the beadboard/ board and batten issue. I don't really want to use beadboard in there, I much prefer the board and batten look but I don't think it will cover enough of the wall underneath to work in the space. Which left me wondering if there was a way to meet in the middle between beadboard and board and batten. Googling "what would it look like if board and batten and beadboard had a baby" yielded nothing(how is this possible?) and I really began to lose steam on the whole thing until I saw an episode of Design Inc (Sara Richardson- how I drool over everything she does) where the team(!) used thick boards across an entire wall and it was gor-ge-ous! It was the perfect mix of the look of beadboard with the delicious chunkiness of board and batten. The meeting in the middle! So I am off to Lowe's to hunt through the miles and miles of wood they have to find the perfect boards for this project. The lovechild of board and batten and beadboard- if you will. Hopefully soon there will be an actual update on the  bathroom reno, rather than an excuse riddled explanation. Maybe:)

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