Monday, October 4, 2010

Easy Peasy Felt Pillow

A post also known as- Hot glue rocks my socks.

I do not know how to sew. There, I said it. The concept makes sense to me, but the execution is where it always goes wrong. So this pillow is NO SEW. I am sure you could sew it, should you be one of those crafty types that can sew. I am also sure yours would be a little more sturdy if you did. But, since this isn't a permanent cover for my pillow I don't really mind. And, as I said, it isn't like I know how to sew. 

Here is what you need if you want to make a no sew felt pillow.

About 5/8 a yard black felt. One small remnant of cream felt. A pillow form(mine was 18X18). A pattern, scissors, and a HOT GLUE GUN. 
I am sure you have noticed in the picture the glue gun is missing. I foolishly thought I could use an all purpose glue instead, only to have to go and beg forgiveness from said glue gun after finding out that the all purpose glue didn't actually make anything stick together.

Attention makers of Alleen's glue:
GLUE- defined as an adhesive. Should make things stick together. 
Just thought I would mention this.

Anyway, I made the pillow by laying the black felt over my pillow form and pinning the bird pattern to the front of the pillow. 

Then I removed the felt and cut the bird carefully out of one layer of the felt. As you will later see, I found this part slightly tricky. 

After cutting the bird out, slightly modifying the design because your sewing scissors were a little to large to make some of the details, hot glue the cream felt onto the BACK SIDE of the felt.   

Then I wrapped the pillow back in the felt, making sure the bird was in the front again. I then hot glued all the sides together, envelope style. 

The ends were secured with hot glue, similar in style to wrapping a present.

Here is the finished product-

please ignore the sage throw. It will be changed out for a cream colored one soon.

Its not perfect, but it will add a hint of Halloween to my chair for the next three weeks and then be removed, so it doesn't have to be:) 


  1. I think this little guy turned out cute! :)

  2. Nice and sleek design. Felt is tricky to work with. I need to make poodle skirts this week out of felt and don't want to sew, I'm tempted to use hot glue like you did but that may not be the best for clothes. This was a great easy idea for a temporary holiday decor idea.