Friday, October 1, 2010

A work in progress

A post also known as- aren't we all? 

It isn't finished. I am not thrilled with how it looks right now. 
But when THE NESTER and Cottage and Vine host a linky party, you go!

This year we are having a Halloween party at our house. It has been said that I like to go "all out" for parties. And "all out" takes awhile to pull together. So here is what I have so far. 

Yes, yes I know. The wreath is too low. I am waiting until I can find one of those old antique mirrors, you know the kind with the time worn finish, where parts of the mirror no longer reflect? Very Halloweenish, but still able to be used on Christmas? Anyone know where such an item exists for less than 400 bucks? Yea, me neither. But if I do find one, or an acceptable substitute, the wreath will be hung from the top of the mirror. 

And speaking of that wreath- THIS is how I made it

Other pictures with various lighting- (the clouds are moving quickly today, meaning taking pictures has been interesting) 

 Does the lighting have to stink in every picture I took? Grr. On second thought- perhaps I need a lesson in taking pictures. Note to self- learn to use expensive camera properly before complaining about it. 

The remaining items up there are 

A very sloppily put together banner- didn't realize how much work that still needed until I took the picture- Yikes. 
Books I covered with scrapbook paper-don't hate on my copy of Breaking Dawn down there. I ran out of black paper, and this one seemed fitting all on it's own. 

Not my dream Halloween mantle, but it will do until I figure out what will make me happy. Or until I finish writing this and run down and tweak it again. And again. And again. Suggestions for making it look better? Referrals to a 12 step program that deals with mantle tweaking? 

Next  up-  felt and I become aquainted


  1. Cute. I like how you did the banner. I've been thinking mine needs a banner too!

  2. I think the banner is super cute, but I love, love the urns!!!! I'm think'n I need to make some of those urns myself! Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for visiting my blog from Nesting Place! Can't wait to see your next post :-)!

  3. Hi!
    Thanks for the visit from the nesters party! I'm loving what you did...but I think it needs more,like maybe a big vintage window frame with lots of weight to it behind it all, maybe some webs and spiders hanging off it. Fill in the spaces....I'm bossy aren't I!!!!

    You will see....

  4. Very cute mantle! I especially like that it is white ... such a great piece to work with each season. We have a large mirror above our fireplace with an 'antique-y' (the only goldish tone in our home, LOL) finish that seems to work.I'm wondering if you couldn't add some sliver paper to an existing mirror to give it that look your thinking of?!?!
    Best of luck as you pull it all together, I bet it will be perfect for your party!

    Happy Day!

  5. Thank you for the sweet words and advice!

  6. I think your decorations are awesome! I had not seen the graphics from M. them! So cute! Thank you for stopping by Three Pixie Lane! I signed up to follow your great blog! I hope your party turns out wonderful!

  7. I like it - simple, realistic. I am following the posts from of of Nester's friends on 31 days to better photos. 3 boybarians, check it out :) Not that I am criticizing your photos....

  8. Very nice and yes, your wreath will look fabulous over a mirror!

    Thanks for joining the party!

  9. i really love it. i love the vintage look you've got going there!

  10. The great photography resource I mentioned to you has changed from photomom 101 to

    I LOVE your ideas!!