Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Indoor decor, continued

Not finding a mirror to place over my mantle was beginning to bug me. So, I decided to let it got for awhile and move on to other indoor decorating for the Halloween party. (Sick of hearing about it yet?) I moved about two feet to the left and began working on transforming this:

into this:

This came together rather simply, using images I found online to trace the birds and the tree. Borrowing a projector made the tree a snap to make. I just found an image online and used the projector to trace this image onto some plain brown craft paper from the 'Lob. The whole shebang is hung using removable sticky putty, also found at the 'Lob, making this easy to take down after Halloween has come and gone. In fact, the plan is to move the tree to the playroom and change out the decorations for each month. We are already talking about the leaves we will put on it next month, and the Christmas decorations for the month after.

Not bad for thirty minutes of effort and about $2.00.

up  next- A DIY bean bag toss game


  1. I love this! It sounds like a really great idea to help out boring off-white apartment walls. Really enjoying the blog, Sarah!

  2. Thanks for checking out my Linky post on Cottage and Vine! Love all your decorations especially— the crows! I want to try something like that next year. Just have to find a blank wall!