Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Vintage Inspired Halloween Party

A post also known as- Finally. I will stop talking about it after this.

Last weekend we had a rather large Halloween party. The guest list didn't start out so large, but we kept adding and you know how that goes. So we were thankful that Saturday had the most lovely weather,  making our almost 50 guests feel perfectly comfortable outside. 50 people inside my house= massive claustrophobia.

In preparing for the party I made invitations using Skip To My Lou
(note- not mine, this is the example from their website, though I am sure the Hopper's party was lovely)

Using this to set the tone for the party meant the muted gray, black, cream, and pumpkin colors I already incorporated in the Spider Wreath and Urns would work  perfectly.  Going forward it was simple to continue using these colors to coordinate the rest of the decorations.

Front Door

 spray painted sticks, Spanish Moss and two pumpkins greeted guests.

Beverage Buffet

The buckets came from the dollar spot at Target and were filled with spray painted branches and Spanish Moss and foam left over from the Urn project mentioned above. I think everyone in blog land spray painted some branches this year. Spray paint sales must have been off the charts.
The sign from the beverage tub, also purchased at Target, came from the Internet. If you look closely you can see the pictures above the buffet received Halloween masks from leftover scrapbook paper. And the mice silhouettes above were a snap to make using the template off Martha Stewart's site.

Kitchen Display

The Hallo-weenies roasted on the grill were served in our kitchen.

I made the pumpkin, owl, and cat hanging in the windows using the templates off Martha Stewart's site. I also found the template for the creepy curtains there as well. Martha made hers out of plywood, I used black poster board. Clearly Martha has no problem making extra holes in her walls but I would rather not spend my November 1st taking down plywood curtains and patching large holes.

Living Room Mantle

I never did find the mirror I talked about here. After tweaking what I had to work with I settled on this design. The candle holders were made from items from Dollar Tree. The rest of the mantle didn't change much from this post, if you are interested in reading about the other components.

Dessert Table

My favorite part of the party had to be creating this table. Hobby Lobby had the table cover and runner.

We served candy corn cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing, mini caramel apples and sweet sugar cookies with cream cheese icing. Traditional favorites of mellow creme pumpkins and candy corn also decorated the table.  

More Creepy Curtains frame the Wal-Mart(yes, that's what I said) banner.Please forgive the picture quality our walls are a very dark blue so there wasn't enough contrast or light to properly photograph.

A Dollar Tree crow perched on top of the cupcake stand watches you grab a cupcake. The spiders were also Dollar Tree finds.


Since changing light fixtures isn't a difficult task I decided to switch our normal dining room chandelier out for one that had been properly dressed for the occasion. A little gray spray primer and leftover scrapbook paper turned an old 80's throw away into this


Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin

(Obviously little fingers played here before I took the picture)

Pumpkin Boccie

Pumpkin Bowling

we also had a Pinata, ring toss, and see-saw for the kids to use. Hopefully our guests had as much fun at the party as I did planning it. 


  1. Looks like a really fun party! The cupcakes and banners look great!

  2. What a great party. Those paper valences are amazing and what a great idea! I bet it was a really fun party!

  3. Love this theme! My wheels are already spinning for next year...I'm definitey going to file away the Pumpkin Bowling idea! How cute!

  4. Oh my goodness this looks fantastic! Thanks for stopping by my place and your lovely comment.

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  6. Thanks girls! All of your lovely comments have just made my day!

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  8. This is a FABULOUS Halloween party!!!! Love the mantle :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for the sweet comment. I love your mantle and table display, it looked like your party was a lot of fun!

  10. This is all so impressive! I LOVE the chandelier - awesome!

  11. SO many great ideas here! I love your adorable front door!. So glad you could join the party Sarah.


  12. what an awesome party....those owl invitations look GREAT!!!

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